Practice Development

Going private or surgery expansion is as much about “what not to do” as “how to”. A successful outcome depends on proper planning and thinking through the context, not button-pushing.

We know intimately how a practice works, from the money coming over the receptionist’s counter to the percentage paid on the Associate’s lab fees, and the deduction of Superannuation. Using our expertise to answer these questions is very cost and time effective, saving you stress and worry over the bigger decisions in your career.

If you’d like to run through an idea and its consequences, and get good sound advice on what to do to help make it reality, call Johnny now.


You can’t as an individual affect the UK dental industry, but you can react to its changes. There can be political factors, financial factors, and of course patients’ attitudes as well, all of which can which change with time. Even if you are a wholly private dentist, changes in the NHS affect you, because they affect your potential patients’ behaviours.

Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at multiple levels to evaluate how you are preforming against your key business objectives, helps you see how you are adapting to changes in your industry, and measure your success at reaching targets.

When you’re on top of things with your KPI tracking, you’ll see the iceberg before you run into it.

If you’d like a conversation on what Key Performances Indicators would be useful in your business, or how we may save you time and money by helping out on a regular basis, get in touch with Minford specialist Dental accountants.

Practice Comparisons

As members of NASDAL (National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants & Lawyers) we contribute to the annual dental statistics database, which provides a benchmark for NHS, private and mixed practices, either as Principals or Associates.

Of course every practice is different. It’s not the comparison that matters, but the reasons behind the variations, and the context. This is a very useful way to explore not only how, but why the practice operates as it does, and if any changes are possible or desirable.

If you’d like to get the benefits of Benchmarking your practice, simply get in touch.